Welcome to the iLife

As we get ready to start a brand-new school year, we’re all looking forward to some new challenges. New classes, new friends, and new opportunities abound. On top of this, for the first time ever the Faculty of Information is going almost entirely digital. The word unprecedented is feeling a little over-used these days, but it certainly does apply.

On top of embracing our new virtual reality, we are welcoming a brand new cohort of students to the faculty. These future information and culture professionals will be joining the faculty from a variety of places and experiences, and many will not even be in Toronto. 2020-2021 is definitely going to give us a brand-new definition of the student experience.

Enter: the iLife. This blog is all about you. Written by students and for students, we want to help students new and old navigate life as academics, as professionals, and as people making it in grad school. We have lots of great content planned for you, from introductions to each and every concentration and networking tips to guides to the best patios around campus (public health allowing). As students ourselves, we understand what it’s like to try to thrive in the University of Toronto, the Faculty of Information, and Toronto itself, and we are so excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to these communities. (Wondering who “we” are? Check out our Team page.)

Welcome to the Faculty of Information. From here on out, you’re living the iLife.

-Defne Inceoglu and Samantha Summers

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