Meet Musings, the MMSt Blog

By Musings Editors-in-Chief Jaime Meier and Erika Serodio

The Musings MMSt blog was created in 2013 by Dr. Irina Mihalache and her research assistant, Jaime Clifton-Ross. Clifton-Ross was imperative in growing the project and by January 2014, she had recruited a team of five contributing editors by January 2014. This small but mighty team began publishing 5 article a week, a tradition that is still upheld today! The team established a platform for opinions, critiques and discussion of contemporary museum practices by emerging museum professionals” To accommodate a wide range of interests, Musings has adopted a wide definition of museums that includes everything from art galleries to world fairs and botanical gardens to public memorials, allowing for everyone to apply their unique museum knowledge and learn about new institutions.

Since its creation, Musings has grown from 14 columns in 2014 to 34 as of 2020. Columns include food history, collections and conservation, museums and the environment, historical fashion, and so many more. Each contributing editor is encouraged to bring their own spin to a column of their choice or pitch an idea for their own column. Our newest columns are “GLAM Gets Mindful,” which looks at the connection between mental health and museums, and “Breaking the Glass Case,” which focuses on the rights of Indigenous peoples in cultural heritage organizations.

Fun fact: The Falcon DeerKIng logo was created by former MMSt student, Laura Bydlowska. She was inspired by authors John H. Falk and Lynn D. Dierking, who published numerous books about museums and visitor experience. (Courtesy of Musings)

In addition to pursuing your interests, Musings provides great experience for your resume or portfolio. Contributing editors learn the basis of publishing web content, have their posts reviewed and edited, and shared across social media. Having published Musings articles also simplifies of the task of providing writing samples and increases your visibility in the museum community.

Musings provides a fantastic opportunity to grow your knowledge about museums, share topics you’re passionate about, and connect with amazing people. During you time at the iSchool, you might develop a new innovation, uncover a museum mystery, and attend exciting museum exhibitions and want to share your discoveries with someone. The Musings MMSt blog is a great way to share your knowledge and insights with fellow MMSt students, alumni, and the wider museum community.

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Featured image courtesy of Musings.

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