Learning Beyond the Classroom

At the Faculty of Information we are lucky to have world-class instructors teaching important skills which help our students out in the field. Sometimes, however, there are skills and information which simply can’t be or aren’t taught in a course. It is so important to take advantage of the multitude of learning opportunities available to us as students at the Faculty beyond the walls (or Zoom screens) of our classrooms.


iSkills workshops are hopefully familiar to us all. These are fantastic learning opportunities provided by the Faculty to give students introductions to topics relevant to their careers and lives. Topics range from interview preparedness to audio engineering, and they have something for everyone.

Student Group Events

There are all kinds of student groups at the Faculty of Information, from student governments such as MISC and MUSSA to interest groups like Librarians Without Borders and the Diversity Working Group. There are also student groups which are bodies of larger bodies, like the ACA Student Group and the SLA—TSG. These groups often put on events and can provide new and interesting perspectives on their respective fields. In fact, tomorrow the SLA—TSG (Special Libraries Association—Toronto Student Group) is putting on just such an event: a Practitioners Panel featuring special libraries professionals in the Virtual Inforum. Join and learn at 6:00 pm!

Job shadowing and peer mentorships are great ways to meet other professionals in the field and to learn from them. (Image source.)

Peer Mentors

The Faculty of Information has a fantastic peer mentorship program which matches first-year students with second-year students. Chatting with someone who has been where you are is a great way to learn from their experiences, gain insight into the program and the field, and build strong connections within the program.

Job Shadowing

The Faculty of Information works hard to ensure it has strong relationships with many employers in the fields its students tend to work in. Student Services can help match you with an alumni in the field to discuss their work and to learn directly from them. Additionally, the Faculty of Information Alumni Association (FIAA) runs an annual job shadowing program with alumni.

Internships, Co-ops, and Practicums

These opportunities are fantastic ways to get real-world experience while also getting course credit. Check out our blog post about these opportunities here!

Conferences and Workshops

Attending conferences and workshops is a great way to see what’s happening more broadly in the field and to learn relevant skills from those outside your regular sphere here at the Faculty of Information. Take a look at the professional groups relevant to your interests and see what learning opportunities they offer!

Cover image source.

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