You’ll Never Job-Hunt Alone

With the end of the school year approaching, many students (this writer included) are turning their thoughts toward employment. In theory this is an exciting time in professional’s life, but the reality of the job hunt can be extremely frustrating. It can also be difficult to know where to look for help. Many students don’t know all the ways the Faculty of Information, and the University of Toronto more broadly, are able to help them while searching for work. Enter: this article. All of these resources are free to University of Toronto students. If you’re looking for work now, give these a look!

Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNX)

The CLNX is a campus-wide job board available to all students. While some of the jobs here are targeted toward students (such as Work-Study positions), many of the postings are from employers in the community. For any student looking for work, the CLNX should be a first port of call to find current employment opportunities.

Career Services at the Faculty of Information

The Career Services portal on the Faculty of Information website is an incredible tool for students in Information and Museum studies. Here you’ll find a list of job boards relevant to the fields studied at the faculty, career advising, and a ton of other resources. Career advising with Chioma Ekpo is an especially great resource for students!

There are tons of resources right here at UofT to prepare you for your next big interview. (Image source.)

The Faculty of Information Jobsite

The faculty’s Jobsite is similar to the CLNX, but tailored to the Faculty of Information. Here you can find careers posted by employers in the field as well as careers at the faculty itself!

Student Life Career Exploration & Education

This UofT Student Life service is open to all students and recent graduates, and has a ton of resources to help with the job hunt. One particularly helpful tool is their Resume and Cover Letter workshops and toolkits, which make crafting the perfect application materials easy! You can also sign up for a Resume Ready appointment, where a career peer advisor will help you prepare your resume one-on-one.

Career Advising Appointments

In addition to the faculty’s own Chioma Ekpo, Student Life has career educators and peer advisors with whom you can meet to talk about your career options, your resume, and anything else you need. They can help with the job search, interview practice, application and LinkedIn review, and more.

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