Acing the Interview

With the term coming to a close, now’s the time that many of our students are looking forward to job interviews. Be it a summer internship or a full-time gig, interviews can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. There are many different styles of interviews, and every interviewer will be unique in how they talk andContinue reading “Acing the Interview”

Instructor Spotlight: Gabby Resch

“I’ve never been the kind of instructor to discourage students from having their laptops open in class, so I’ll probably experiment with projecting a running chat – with polls and emojis and all the other things that have been so common these past few months – during future classes.” Click the photo above to read more!

Instructor Spotlight: Agnieszka Chalas

With classes going online late last year, our educators were thrown headfirst into a brave new world. Students and staff alike are so grateful for our amazing instructors here at the Faculty of Information, and so we at Living the iLife are profiling some instructors whose online instruction have truly stood out to our studentsContinue reading “Instructor Spotlight: Agnieszka Chalas”