Overseeing a Club at the iSchool

“Like many of you, when I started at the iSchool (back in 2018!) I wanted to dive right in and get as involved as possible. When a call for executives for the Special Libraries Association—Toronto Student Group (SLA-TSG) dropped into my inbox a month before school started, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved in a unique student group.” Click the above image to read more!

Meet Musings, the MMSt Blog

“In addition to pursuing your interests, Musings provides great experience for your resume or portfolio. Contributing editors learn the basis of publishing web content, have their posts reviewed and edited, and shared across social media. Having published Musings articles also simplifies of the task of providing writing samples and increases your visibility in the museum community.” Click the above image to read more.


“MUSSA is the student government for Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) and Combined Degree Program (CDP) students in the iSchool. Made up of about 18 members, MUSSA is always for the students – we are responsible for fun social events, professional development activities, museum studies merch, and also keeping you in the loop on the latest initiatives and updates!” Click the image above to read more!

Practicums, internships, co-ops, oh my!

“No matter what program you’re in you will be encouraged to do some form of work-integrated learning. While this can take the form of a job in your field while you study, you can also choose to do a practicum course, a co-op, or an internship. Each of these choices has different demands and requirements, and will give you a different kind of experience.” Click the above image to read more!

Fund Yo’self! Looking and Applying for Scholarships

By Defne Inceoglu Going to grad school can be expensive. Tuition, cost of living, textbooks, $5 campus coffees, and those $10 wraps in the Robarts cafeteria that you desperately tell yourself you don’t need but end up buying anyways because there’s literally nowhere else to eat. (Comment here or send us a email if youContinue reading “Fund Yo’self! Looking and Applying for Scholarships”

Networking Like a Champ

“Now that you’re a Faculty of Information student, networking is going to be a pretty big part of your life. Not only will you have to network in order to land jobs, internships, and volunteer positions, but you will almost definitely come across at least one assignment which involves networking during your degree.” Click the above image to read more.

MI|MMST Thesis Option: Everything You Need To Know!

By Defne Inceoglu So, you’re thinking of taking on the thesis option. Hello, you brave person. If you are new or incoming to the Faculty of Information’s (FIS) MI and MMSt programs, you may know that these are ‘professional degrees’, meaning, yes you do grad school, but no, you don’t need to write a thesis.Continue reading “MI|MMST Thesis Option: Everything You Need To Know!”