Introduction to Programs Week: Knowledge and Information Management (KMIM)

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” is the mission statement of one of the world’s largest, and most profitable, search engine and technology companies, speaking to the value created by the organization and optimization of information to make it easier to discover and retrieve.” Click the image to read more.

Introduction to Programs Week: Human Centered Data Science (HCDS)

By Faria Khandaker (Second year ISD and HCDS student) My experience in the courses that fall under the Human Centered Data Science concentration have been absolutely mind blowing and I mean that figuratively and literally. My background is in Anthropology and Human Biology and although I had taken a few calculus courses and coding coursesContinue reading “Introduction to Programs Week: Human Centered Data Science (HCDS)”

Introduction to Programs Week: Library and Information Sciences (LIS)

“One of the most exciting things you will learn about Library and Information Sciences (LIS) at the Faculty of Information is that it attracts students with all kinds of backgrounds.” Click the image above to read more.

Introduction to Programs Week: Information Systems and Design (ISD)

By Faria Khandaker (Second year ISD and HCDS student 2019-2021) Information Systems and Design is a unique concentration. It is not very technical (only the database course involves coding) but the courses give you the knowledge to be able to work with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.  You learn about the latest information system managementContinue reading “Introduction to Programs Week: Information Systems and Design (ISD)”

Introduction to Programs Week: Museum Studies (MMSt)

by Defne Inceoglu (2nd year MMSt student, 2018-2020) When I started the Museum Studies program in September 2018, I was practically vibrating with excitement. Jumping for joy! And wow, what a journey it has been. The one thing I learned right away was: immerse yourself in EVERYTHING. To get the most out of your experienceContinue reading “Introduction to Programs Week: Museum Studies (MMSt)”