Instructor Spotlight: Agnieszka Chalas

With classes going online late last year, our educators were thrown headfirst into a brave new world. Students and staff alike are so grateful for our amazing instructors here at the Faculty of Information, and so we at Living the iLife are profiling some instructors whose online instruction have truly stood out to our studentsContinue reading “Instructor Spotlight: Agnieszka Chalas”

Embracing Responsibility, Community and Disability Through the KMDI-Semaphore Makerspace

“By January of 2019 I received an email notifying me of a job posting for Lab Attendant for something called the KMDI-Semaphore Makerspace. I read through the email and it mentioned 3D printers and scanners and I decided this would be the perfect place for me to learn about and even work on disability technologies like the one I sought to make.” Click on the above image to read more.

Fund Yo’self! Looking and Applying for Scholarships

By Defne Inceoglu Going to grad school can be expensive. Tuition, cost of living, textbooks, $5 campus coffees, and those $10 wraps in the Robarts cafeteria that you desperately tell yourself you don’t need but end up buying anyways because there’s literally nowhere else to eat. (Comment here or send us a email if youContinue reading “Fund Yo’self! Looking and Applying for Scholarships”

MI|MMST Thesis Option: Everything You Need To Know!

By Defne Inceoglu So, you’re thinking of taking on the thesis option. Hello, you brave person. If you are new or incoming to the Faculty of Information’s (FIS) MI and MMSt programs, you may know that these are ‘professional degrees’, meaning, yes you do grad school, but no, you don’t need to write a thesis.Continue reading “MI|MMST Thesis Option: Everything You Need To Know!”

Introduction to Programs Week: User Experience Design (UXD)

By Alexandra Scandolo (2018-2020 UXD Student) “I’m not really even sure what I signed up to learn after today,” I joked with my roommate one evening after my first UX lecture. I spent time researching User Experience before, during, and after applying to the program—reading endless Medium articles, discovering the “design side” of Twitter, andContinue reading “Introduction to Programs Week: User Experience Design (UXD)”