“Can I take this particular course?”: In conversation with registrar Sherry Dang

“With the school year having kicked off, we wanted to take the opportunity to sit down with registrar, Student Services superstar, and Living the iLife founder Sherry Dang. Read on to learn more about her role, how she can help you out, and what she loves about working in Student Services.” Click the above image to read more!

The Delicate Work/Life Balance: How to Stay Busy and Stay on Schedule

By: Defne Inceoglu As I write this article for you, fresh, incoming graduate students, I stare into the scary prospect of life-after-my-degree. During my time in undergrad and in grad school, I liked to do this thing where I would inundate myself with work. Being a ‘yes person’ for projects and opportunities quickly turned myContinue reading “The Delicate Work/Life Balance: How to Stay Busy and Stay on Schedule”

Reflecting on the International Student Experience

“Being an American going to grad school in Canada may not seem like a huge adjustment, but it was more difficult than I had anticipated. I am fortunate to not have had the culture shock that people from other parts of the world have, but it was still a lot to handle.” Click the above image to read more.

Overseeing a Club at the iSchool

“Like many of you, when I started at the iSchool (back in 2018!) I wanted to dive right in and get as involved as possible. When a call for executives for the Special Libraries Association—Toronto Student Group (SLA-TSG) dropped into my inbox a month before school started, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved in a unique student group.” Click the above image to read more!

Meet Musings, the MMSt Blog

“In addition to pursuing your interests, Musings provides great experience for your resume or portfolio. Contributing editors learn the basis of publishing web content, have their posts reviewed and edited, and shared across social media. Having published Musings articles also simplifies of the task of providing writing samples and increases your visibility in the museum community.” Click the above image to read more.