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Student Contributors

Samantha Summers (she/her) is now beginning the third year of the Combined Degree Program, during which she has completed the LIS and ARM concentrations and the Book History and Print Culture collaborative program. Now she is working on a thesis concerning fundraising and development disaster planning under the supervision of Dr. ME Luka. Prior to her studies at the Faculty of Information, Samantha completed an MA in history at Queen’s University and an HBA in Celtic Studies here at UofT. Within the faculty she is the President of the Special Libraries Association—Toronto Student Group, an editor for the iJournal, and a writer for Musings. In addition to her work in Student Services, Samantha works for the Digital Tattoo Project, a UBC-based blog which explores digital identity. 

Staff Advisors

Sherry Dang (she/her) is the Associate Registrar for Student Services. She can help you with course inquiries, planning out your academic path, and registering for things like a thesis. She makes sure that the Student Services team is running well, streamlines processes within the team, and ensures that students are receiving information effectively, efficiently, and accurately. Originally from Shanghai, Sherry has also lived in Antwerp and Singapore before moving to Toronto. She now calls Toronto her home, but dreams of travelling just about everywhere. Machu Picchu, Egypt, and Fiji are at the top of her list. When sticking around Toronto she loves checking out her favourite restaurant, Bar Isabel. 

Christine Chan (she/her) is the Assistant Registrar, Records and Awards for Student Services. She can help you navigate changing your student status (leaves, returning, etc.) and questions about fees. She also plays a hand in helping students with enrolment, helps Master students navigate their theses, and is the Student Services liaison for PhD students. It’s always exciting to get an email from Christine, as she also is responsible for informing students of awards and scholarships they have received from the Faculty. Christine has been a member of the UofT community since her undergraduate at Victoria College, and insists that the best food in Toronto can be found in Scarborough and Richmond Hill. Her dream vacation destination is the top of any and every mountain. 

Lindsay Jackowetz (she/her) is the Assistant Registrar, Student Engagement & Support for Student Services. In this role she works with student societies, faculty, and the administration to create and promote student engagement programming for the Faculty of Information. She is also the primary contact and advisor for Bachelor of Information students. Lindsay grew up in Brantford, Ontario, but has seen a whole lot of Canada: she has visited all three of Canada’s territories. She dreams of travelling to Italy, but in the meantime loves stopping by Diabolo’s Coffee on campus to grab a coffee on the way to the Faculty. By any chance are you craving Indian food? Lindsay swears by Mother India Roti.

Past Student Contributors

Defne Inceoglu (they/them), MMSt 2020

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